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A.F.J. Levi

A. F. J. Levi

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Physics

B.Sc. 1980, University of Sussex
Ph.D. 1983, University of Cambridge

Tony Levi joined the USC faculty in mid-1993 after working for almost 10 years at AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey. He invented hot electron spectroscopy, discovered ballistic electron transport in heterostructure bipolar transistors, demonstrated room temperature operation of unipolar transistors with ballistic electron transport, created the first microdisk laser, and carried out work in parallel fiber optic interconnect components in computer and switching systems. His current research interests include high-performance electronic and photonic systems, RF photonics, very small lasers and modeling their behavior, optimal design of small electronic and photonic systems, and coherent control of transient dynamics. To date he has published numerous scientific papers, several book chapters, is author of the books ‘Applied Quantum Mechanics‘,  ‘Essential Classical Mechanics for Device Physics‘, ‘Essential Semiconductor Laser Device Physics‘, coeditor of the book ‘Optimal Device Design‘, and holds 17 U.S. patents

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